Product Vehicle Category – L5N

Product Battery Type & Voltage – Lithium Ion, 48 V

Product Battery Capacity – Rated: 6.26 kWh

Product Max Power – 9.55 Kw

Product Max Torque – 45 Nm

Product Seating Capacity – Driver Only

Product Gradeability – 19.36%

Product Typical Driving Range (On Road) – 107 Kms

Mated with a powerful electric motor, the Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max(Swappable) three-wheeler electric tempo churns out a peak power of 9.55 kW and a peak torque of . These industry-leading specs render the Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max(Swappable) an electric cargo three-wheeler that can haul heavy loads and glide effortlessly across any terrain while delivering unmatched performance and a dependable on-road driving range.


Packed with a 47.45 V Lithium Ion battery that has a capacity rating of 6.26kWh the Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max(Swappable) Max three-wheeler electric tempo ensures your peace of mind. Add to the mix, a dependable on-road driving range, 5 year's super warranty, hassle-free service, affordable spare parts, and a wide network of PGOs for easy maintenance, you’ve got a recipe for the best electric cargo three-wheeler on the roads.

The high-capacity swappable battery on the Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max (Swappable) three-wheeler electric tempo provides an elegant solution that lets you swap the battery whenever you need, thus providing a virtually unlimited driving range.

The Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max(Swappable) three-wheeler comes equipped with industry-leading features like a dedicated telematics app that gives you regular updates about your vehicle and an on-board digital cluster that ensures you never miss any important stat about your electric cargo three-wheeler.


Why compromise on comfort and style when the Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max(Swappable) three-wheeler electric tempo packs in all of it? Equipped to the brim, this electric cargo three-wheeler has a gradability of 19.36 % allowing it to navigate steep gradients easily. The class-leading ground clearance of 225 mm ensures that the Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max (Swappable) drives comfortably even on poor and bumpy roads.

Piaggio Apé E-Xtra LX Max(Swappable) three-wheeler electric tempo falls short of nothing. It not only delivers an unmatched performance but also looks good doing it. Carrying forward the iconic Piaggio Apé look, this electric cargo three-wheeler sports a large headroom and a well-engineered body.


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